Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I have a dream...

My God, this blog has been around for years now and still nothing to show. I still don't have a decent camera... Just to update, it's the start of a new year, the 6th Edition Rulebook is out, and Imperial Navy flyers are just everywhere these days. So it's a good time for custom building a Naval force. No doubt about it. My current WIP Codex is over 150 pages, it's a lot of fun. I've managed to come to terms with balancing and being much less fanboyish about the rules, so they are much more in line with the Guard now but still have some personality. For instance the automatic shotgun the EagleClaw is set at 12" S3 AP- which is the same as the Guard shottie, but instead of Assault 2 (like the Guard and Marine shottie) the EagleClaw gets a tasty Assault 3 (since its automatic) but still doesn't have much range or clout. An alternative stat is 18" S3 AP- Rapid Fire which gives some nice range boost and still represents the automatic aspect. I've also finally cracked it with the Watchmen, the models are all done and dusted. None of it is WH40K however. I'll hopefully be able to show them off when I can get around to borrowing a proper camera. In the meantime I'm wondering how to make my Armsmen since the only models are the very expensive Forge World lads-
It's possible I could greenstuff the head and shoulders onto Cadians. But the Watchmen come first, and the officers. My Commandos are also a little bit of a concept problem because I've always saw them as a mix of too many different things. I think my fetish for berets and Hussar jackets distracted me for far too long. I've now settled on a vision of them as combat divers, and so it makes it much easier to represent them with decent models. I will probably base them on Vindicare Assassins.

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