Saturday, 19 March 2011

Codex: Arma Aeronautica

Well it's been a year, but the blog lives on. Just about.

Sad to say, I confess- no pics to show of the minis.

However, I am pretty much 90% finished with my unofficial (illegal?) codex for an 'ARMSMEN' army for WH40K. I've really dug deep and found a hell of a lot of supporting info and pics from a massive range of Games Workshop publications. So of course my manuscript is only for private distribution. Anyway, get in touch if you'd be interested.


  1. hey mate , like your stuff , did you ever finish anything ..? i am in the process of creating a space crusade / advanced space crusade/ space hulk, war master remake, and i am working out the boarding parties and arms men of the ship at the moment.

    1. I have a lot of Cadian based kitbashes which are halfdone, they look decent but they don't scream NAVY. I'm going to go for the "Titan Crew on Foot" from Forgeworld and then run greenstuff molds off of them to produce more bulk and variety of poses. The Titan crew are the actual Armsmen from the original GW designs.