Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Test units

So I recieved all my parcels and I have done as much work as I can without doing any really hard work lol! I will greenstuff, base and paint all my guys later. For the meantime I will keep buying models and complete the actual figures I had in mind, then paint them all in the same phase later. So there will be not much more development there I'm afraid. Also you will notice that I haven't included any pics since all the damn digicams in the flat are crap (2 phones, a laptop and a PC webcam).

Anyway, the results are as follows- about half of the non-GW stuff I bought was pretty much way off scale-wise which is what I feared. I managed to get two decent minies from Reaper Miniatures though, and a third possibly if I do some heavy conversion to bring its stature into line. One of the Reaper guys is going to be in my Bolter-carrying 'Commandoes' for a later part of the project. But the other Reaper mini is a great sergeant or officer for my armsmen.

My West Wind Soviet Naval Infantry in greatcoats was my high hope for my 'Watchmen', but they are just too skinny to use for WH40K. Anyway, I think they will be useful as painting tests. But as I said, I will save painting for a later phase. Anyway as for the westwinds- I carved the hell out of one and tried to add Cadian arms and weapons but they are far too big in comparison. So back to the drawing board on that one. I still have a plan. Basically I need greatcoat infantry that can be easily modified with greenstuff and given IG bits, allowing me to use Cadian weaponry and bulk out a large force for very little cash. I think I have found what I was looking for, and the scale as well as the price is excellent... will document that when I buy them (if possible before Xmas) wallet willing.

So 1 pack of Space Marine sniper scouts and 3 packs of Cadians allowed me to make around 1 and half squads of Imperial Guard veterans that will count as NavSec Corsairs, tactical support armsmen. Shotguns, missile launchers, melta bombs, demo charges, plasma pistols, heavy bolters and sniper rifles etc... I think I will settle on two squads of these. They actually turned out with a Cadian flavour after all, I still need to do some more shaving off the Cadian shoulder pads but the body armour keeps the 'Armsmen' tied to that IG look. I am not sure if that is all that bad really. I think I may greenstuff the torsos, I'm not sure.

Anyway, for today I will finish off with giving you some concept art for the armsmen until I can add some decent pics of my work.

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  1. Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing how these turn out. Keep posting mate.