Friday, 2 October 2009

Imperial Guard Rules

So, I can't sleep again (0523 hrs here) and I have been using my insomnia to philosophise over getting my fluff to fit into the Imperial Guard rules. Looking at the 5th Edition rule book for the Imperial Guard, it really does suck that doctrines are gone in my opinion. I felt they gave a lot of character to a regiment. Anyway, there are a lot of options and potential with the freedom of the new rules.

What strikes me first is that the Armsmen are going to be best representing Veterans as well as Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons squads. As for veterans, they carry shotguns and can have as many as three of their number equipped with sniper rifles or grenade launchers, they can also include a heavy weapons team. A heavy bolter team would nicely represent my shotcannons. I can also sprinkle my Marksmen between veteran squads and special weapons squads, even including some as one-off weaponists in infantry squads that are allowed a sniper etc.

Doctrines have been left to veterans alone, and these fit in nicely with my different unit types for the Armsmen. If I assign my own preferences of weaponry along with doctrines I can get the three NavSec armsmen unit types I planned-

Grenadiers, mix carapace with 3 special weapons of meltas, flamers and up tp one heavy flamer.

Forward sentries, mix camo cloaks and mines with 3 sniper rifles.

Demolitions, mix demo charge and melta-bombs with 1 heavy weapon team (heavy bolter or missile launcher)

Since one veteran squad counts as a single troops choice I can have up to 6 of these types of units, in theory.

As for the Watch, I could represent them as ratlings, giving them all low stats but all sniper rifles. However, since the ratlings are a HQ choice, I can only field three squads of ten of these. Which to me, doesn't really represent the feel of the Watch. Although it may be enough to be honest. Also, if I mix ratlings with veterans, I will have no opportunity to include my Field Gun Crews unless I console myself with one and relegate it to my Company Command unit. The best alternative would be having Field Gun Crews as the Heavy Weapons teams in a Company Command unit, a Platoon Command unit and any additional platoon heavy weapons teams. Within the Infantry Platoon I can include at least two units of 'Watchmen' and at least even two more units of armsmen under the special weapons or heavy weapons additional options.

So to summarise, it looks like I will field
1. one company command unit (compulsory HQ choice)
2. one infantry platoon (compulsory troop choice)
a) platoon command unit
b) 2 or more infantry squads
c) heavy weapons squad (up to 5)
d) special weapons squad (up to 2)
3. veteran squads (up to 4/5?)

These will be in naval terms
1. one commanding officer with 6 armsmen, officer of the fleet and master of ordnance-
a) one officer (either with HW/SW armsmen or a field gun)
b) watchmen (possibly with Armsmen carrying special weapons, possible additional field guns)
c) armsmen or field guns
d) armsmen
3. armsmen

For commandoes I could field them as commissars attached to squads. This would allow me
1 (attached to platoon command squad) and 2 or more (attached to watchmen).
Which doesn't really seem like the way I had them planned, perhaps 'Overseer' or 'Masters-at-Arms' armsmen would best fill this role?
Which would leave me with the Commandoes as storm troopers, having 'hot-shot lasguns' and very little variety of equipment. Although not perfect, it is a solution.
It seems to me though that the army overall lacks commissars and psykers, and a lack of armour is going to have me punished by heavy fire and close quarter combat.

As a final note though, according to the force organisation chart, I could potentially field 3 storm trooper units and 6 veteran squads backed up by 3 squads of valkyries (9 flyers in all) one for each unit. Although the HQ unit would be on foot unless I kept it very small and allowed it to ride in one of the air transports. Interesting idea. I would never have money for so many flyers though, and I feel that the fluff and my wallet would be better served by making my own dropship that would count as a Gorgon, and resemble a World War Two landing craft.

So my ideas are a little clearer now. I am realising that I am lacking a lot of bits and bobs though, and just to make up my units and officers I am going to need more models, weapons, arms and heads- all sorts. That is not to mention the fact that I need greenstuff, tools and paints! ...I am supposed to be getting up in two and half hours...

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