Monday, 5 October 2009

First Parcel

My first parcel has arrived. Three miniatures I don't really recall buying in the frenzy, but really glad I did. Reaper's minis are very good quality, a little bit fiddley compared to GW to paint and convert, but they are very classy. I think I have three squad leaders.

The 'adventurer' (given a new head and pistols) would suit either a commando or an armsmen leader, probably for the marksmen unit. The 'Intergalactic marine' is a bit tall really, dwarfing even a GW space marine, but I am still very happy with him, I think I will replace the Gears of War style skull on the chest with an aquila, and probably not change much else. He would be a good squad leader for my corsair armsmen. The 'mercenary' is just how I imagined my commandoes, although I had planned to buy Urban Mammoth's Viridian Marines, I think now I will just make my own from bits via a Polish WH40k bits site I found. The main plan is to have Space Marine Scout legs with shotguns, sniper rifles, you name it -and commisar/officer bodies, topped with bare heads that I can greenstuff berets onto. But that will have to be for another purchase... if my economy ever recovers.

For now, I think I should concentrate on the Naval Militia Watch unit, if they ever arrive from WestWind. I just got confirmation this afternoon that my Cadian packs are being dispatched so they may arrive within a week. I really should be patient with my armsmen units, since I can really make them look good if I buy those Polish bits, I could also then make several armsmen units as I had planned.

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