Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Weapon Choices

So now I am itching waiting for the post.
I have already started filling up orders for even more bitz, planning ahead, but I should really wait until I see what the different minis I ordered look like and how they work together. Chances are that something is going to be amiss scale-wise, but I have to take the chance really since there are no Games Workshop options.

I have a dilemma of on the one hand making the army I want to see, and on the other an army that would actually be playable in WH40K rules with 'this counts as...', but since I have not actually played a WH40K game in years I have to be honest, I am doing this for fun. So I really should create the army I want to see.

So in logical terms, if that is possible in a sci-fi game- I have considered that my Corsairs should be kitted out with 'shotcannons' which is written about in the Black Library literature of Armsmen. No GW models for these exist however, so I have decided to make my own. As a support weapon I plan to give the unit a missle launcher so they have more of a tactical support use. Which was the plan.

The Armsmen unit I call FirstWave will not be modelled anytime soon since I plan to use some expensive models there. However, I think they should just carry shotguns since they are a close quarter and assault unit, however to give the overall force a bit of punch against armour (something this force really needs) I think I should equip half the unit with multi-meltas and grenades so that they have a real unique sting.

Similarly, for my Watch unit I think they should receive shotguns, modded lasguns which I might fluff out as Shotgun Augmented Rifles, shotguns with extended range and lower impact. As support weapons it would make sense that they get Grenade Launchers, Flamers and Melta-guns. These being decent tactical and assault weapons for field or close quarter fighting. The range of the SARs if they make it to life, will be a rational argument for a light infantry unarmoured force.

So now, it's back to waiting...

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