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"Naval infantry, really?"

I've had this discussion online myself, and it often comes up in all kinds of fan forums. WH40K fans assert that the Imperial Navy have no infantry. Yes, the lore does state that. It also states that the Imperial Guard have no flyers, and yet most of the tabletop Navy models have long been filed under "Imperial Guard". Increasingly, Games Workshop has made clearer distinctions. For example, in the 8th edition Imperial Agents codex, Valkyries and Officers of the Fleet are under a strict Imperial Navy section. Is this an indication of future expansion?

But let's get back to the fluff. So, the whole point of the division of the Imperial Army after the Horus Heresy into the guard and the navy meant that neither could have power in the other sphere of warfare i.e. the navy can't fight on planets, the guard can't have their own ships. However, the old stubborn reasoning for saying "there can be no naval infantry in WH40k" is wrong. Firstly, any game set…

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